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Our imports originally came exclusively from Greece, with time our current network has now expanded to cover most of Eastern and Central Europe, Africa and Asia. Each quarter, our network grows to include more countries, based on the best products that these regions and their diverse cultures have to offer. Our network of global manufacturers is one of our proud assets and we continuously strive to maintain and enhance our business relations while also looking for opportunities to explore new products and regions. We love to take risks and with this approach we are successful in launching new products to the Canadian market and introducing Canadians to the rich and diverse ethnic cultures served on their platter.


Europe offers a wide variety of natural and processed food products and confectionery. From oils, juices, pastas, to health snacks, from organic candies to the famous Belgian chocolates, we have them all. Our major European imports come from Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary and Switzerland follow second.

Mediterranean Regions

Not only do we carry organic dates, apricots, figs, olives, nectars and variety of grains from this rich region, but we also have a wide range of food products made with these organic natural produce. Oriental candies, tahinis and halva are one of the many packaged delicacies that we carry. Our major Mediterranean imports come from Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.


Spices, beans, dates and sauces are our specialities from this vibrant region. Oriental candies, tahinis and halva are one of the many packaged delicacies that we carry. Our major African imports come from Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco.


Asia with its rich and ethnic diversities has a rich and ethnic choice of food. Our products range from delicious Indian savoury snacks to the world’s favourite ramen and noodle culture of South-East Asia. We bring one of the best health and wellness speciality foods from these cultures to Canadians. Our major imports from Asia includes rice, grains, spices and condiments which come from India.

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