A business that makes nothing but money, is a poor business

Henry Ford


“Don’t sell what you have, sell what they want”

With an expertise in major trade sectors of the food industry, including grocery and speciality foods, our workforce has one of the finest and professional sales representatives and broker network stretching from coast-to-coast across the country. Approaches such as direct-door sales, direct retailing, and B2C sales helps us penetrate a large volume of independent stores across the major provinces of Canada. Our direct to store sales approach allows us to penetrate the independent trade that spans over 1,000 locations. Our sales team is equipped with technology that allows for timely and accurate order entry and provides them with information at their fingertips thus facilitating high lead conversion rates.


“There is no secret to success. The key is strategy

We provide strategical marketing support to our brand partners, suppliers, and to our partner manufacturers for their novice products that are being launched or want to launch in the retail market. Our marketing strategies are innovative and result-oriented and focus on market expansion, brand building and alleviated sales. We participate in major national and international food trade shows, which gives us and our products a wider exposure. Our marketing strategies use various advertising and promotion tools, marketing campaigns, sales incentives, promo codes, flyers, kiosks and many more. Our social media marketing covers all major platforms to keep the product in the highly visible category and gain a high quality score.

BI Solutions

“If it’s easy to handle, it will be easy to manage”

With this motto, we offer simplified Business Intelligence and in-house CRM solutions to our partner brands and manufacturers that can be easily integrated with third-party solution formats to maintain accounting, inventory management, product variances, business management, and eCommerce operations. We provide SSRS reporting services for ad-hoc reports that help as an analytical and decision-making tool. Our easy to manage Easy reporting services allows us the flexibility to meet the reporting requirements of our vendors, suppliers and consumers in a timely manner.

Infrastructure Management

“From the start, to no stop”

JCD has evolved with time and experience, and so we know how tough it could get to envision, design and accomplish business goals. We offer infrastructure growth and management services to small-scale industry manufacturers across the globe to bring their specialities and products to the Canadian markets. We work closely with these manufacturers and guide them with our insight and experience to launch and establish their products and brands in the market. We also utilize their expertise in manufacturing some of our private brands. A well-cultivated business relation supplies extraordinary results, a start which has no stop.

Investor Relations & Business Development

Invest, Grow, Invest”

Investor Relations (IR) plays a vital role in the success and development of any business. We offer inbound and outbound IR solutions to our business and brand partners with services in reporting, compliance accreditations, licensing and CRM that supports and enhances various capital raising efforts. Our team of associates provides various research and analytical support to profit existing investors and attract potential investors. We represent our brand partners to investors and our investors to our brand partners. A mutual relation ensures continued growth and business development.

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Sales Support & Customer Service

“A customer can build sales or break it”

Growth is a teamwork between businesses and consumers.
A happy and satisfied customer-force is our ultimate goal for growth and success. We believe that our clients and our customers are the strongest link of our business growth chain. They have the power to build a brand or break one. Happy customers bring growth. We are committed in achieving a high-level customer service to our brand partners, suppliers, and retail consumers. Our sales support offers 100% guaranteed sales, which gives our suppliers the flexibility to carry our products without hesitation and gives our consumers the freedom to get what they want. Our sales support and customer service team diligently works on addressing and resolving product and price related queries, whether it is for a product we carry, or a product they want us to carry. We keep the doors to our communications open so you can let us know how we perform and how we can better serve you.